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  • What types of home improvement projects do you finance?
  • What if I already have a financing partner, how can Turns Financing help me?
    Turns can provide fast financing for your customers previously declined by other programs and those with good credit. Many contractors use our instant one-stop process for all their consumer financing needs.
  • Does my sales team need to know much about financing to use Turns Financing?
    It's easy and intuitive. Simply use the financing link that we provide to submit credit applications and follow the onscreen prompts. Or let your customers know that you now offer financing and we are happy to do the rest. Call 844-WeLoaned (844-935-6263) and our representatives will work with you and your customer to complete financing over as the phone in 3 to 5 minutes. Before finalizing, we’ll explain all terms and any applicable fees so both contractor and borrower are in full agreement.
  • Are contractors direct funded and how fast are they paid once a project is completed?
    Yes, Turns pays contractors via ACH payment direct to their bank account within 2-business days of completing a project and uploading the customer signed final invoice. Note: If a contractor is submitting their first customer through Turns for financing, we’ll ask the contractor to provide banking information using a secure link, so we can complete the one-time account setup required for direct funding.
  • What’s the difference between Prime and Non-Prime credit financing and do you offer both?
    Borrowers with prime credit have higher credit scores the non-prime applicants and are generally approved for loans by most lenders. Turns uses a single credit application to instantly determine if your customer has Prime or Non-Prime credit (also called subprime credit) and has great programs for both. Try Turns for all your credit needs or for your customers previously declined by others.
  • Can I try Turns before committing?
    Sure! Call 844-WeLoaned (844-935-6263) and our representatives will get an instant credit decision for your customer. If declined, there’s no obligation and we’ll await your next call with another customer. If approved, we’ll setup your account and complete the financing process with your customer over the phone. Once the job is complete and your customer signed invoice is uploaded, we’ll send payment direct to your bank account less a merchant fee. Note: There is no obligation, account setup fee or credit card required to participate.
  • Can my customers approved for an amount greater than the price of their project receive that overage?
    Yes. We will fund your customer the overage within 5-business days. This is a great differentiator for your business!
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