Win more home improvement projects. Offer financing options that work for everyone. 

Close more deals by offering affordable payment

options that get approved in minutes.

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"I can't afford that"

Do you have an answer to the above objection? Is it to lower the project scope or to circle back later? There's a better way. 

Close 20% more projects, give your customers the flexibility to spread out their home improvement cost monthly, while you get paid immediately. Turns Financing offers prime and first look options for all customer types.



Why Choose Turns

See why thousands of contractors across the country choose Turns Financing 

Available for all contractors

Solopreneurs or larger companies, Turns works with contractors of all sizes.

No paperwork

Your customer applies online, our lending partners instantly approve and funds are in your customers account in 48 hours.

Instant approval

Turns is available 24/7 with instant decisions and fast turnaround.

Helping contractors finance their customer's projects since 2011 with over $1Billion in applications.

"We started to see a lot of declines in the areas we serve. We made the change to run all financed customers through TURNS for a quick and easy approval for 75% of our customers."

Josh, Owner

Solar Bear

Miami, FL

"Adding the Turns Smart Link to our website for customers to easily apply for financing has been great for business. We receive financing results immediately."

Valerie, Manager

Action Air

Midland, TX


Financing options for everyone 

Two ways to offer financing to your customers
Consumer Direct

The bank funds your customers, they pay you directly. Consumer Direct has no dealer fee. Offer as may loans as you'd like for a monthly fee, no other costs. 

Contractor Direct

The bank funds each contractor directly, the  customer chooses a plan for repayments to the bank. Contractor Direct has no upfront cost, just a dealer fee which is a percent of the loan.


Simple & Flexible Pricing

Landing even one extra project pays for Turns for an entire year.

Unlimited loans (Prime & Non-Prime)

All contractors qualify

Loans up to $50,000

Up to 60-month terms

APRs starting at 5.99%

Multiple user logins available

Consumer Direct


Learn more about Consumer Direct

or $990/ annually + No setup fee

Unlimited loans (Prime & Non-Prime)

Loans up to $50,000

Up to 120-month terms

Mobile App

Training and Support

Multiple user logins available

Contractor Direct

2-10% of Loan Amount

Learn more about Contractor Direct