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Hands Repairing Air Conditioner

Offer Lifetime
HVAC Coverage

10 Year Repair Coverage With Annual Maintenance

Add to any HVAC job within a year of install

$1,800 or 36-Monthly Payments of $59 for ten years of full coverage.

See details below.

Repair Coverage & Maintenance Details

10-Year Labor Coverage

  • Coverage starts the 31st day after install

  • $95 trip charge paid to contractor

  • $125 hourly reimbursement to contractor

10-Year Maintenance

  • Contractor designs own maintenance plan

  • Contractor paid for annual maintenance

  • Two Contractor Funding Options

1) Nine annual $100 payments for annual maintenance starting on first anniversary of install.

2) Upfront $750 payment for nine future annual maintenance services through year 10.

Consumer Value

  • Price: $1,800 ($180/year x 10 years)

  • Coverage: 10 Years (3,650 days)

  • Value: Less than $.50 per day

Fixing an Air Conditioner
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