"I can't afford that"

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"I can't afford that"

Do you have an answer to the above objection? 

Is it to lower the project scope or to circle back later? There's a better way 

Close 20% more projects, give your customers the flexibility to spread out their home improvement cost monthly, while you get paid immediately. Turns Financing offers prime and first look options for all customer types.

$10,000                              $150/mo


Providing a Number 1 Service

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Available for all contractors

Solopreneurs or larger companies, Turns works with contractors of all sizes..

No paperwork

Your customer applies online, our lending partners instantly approve and funds are in your customers account in 48 hours. We approve more customers with both Prime and second-look financing options.

Instant approval

Zero, zilch, nada. All applications are handled through our mobile app. Turns is available 24/7 with instant decisions and fast turnaround.


Helping contractors finance their customer's projects since 2011 with over $1Billion in applications.

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Joan Marks, VP Sales

ABC Heating and Cooling

Miami. FL

"Turns has helped me save jobs that I would have otherwise lost without the option to offer financing solutions."


Financing options for everyone 

Two ways to offer financing to your customers
Consumer Direct

The bank funds your customers, they pay you directly. Consumer Direct has no dealer fee. Offer as may loans as you'd like for a monthly fee, no other costs. 

Contractor Direct

The bank funds you directly, you work out the payment plan with your customer. Contractor Direct has no upfront cost, just a dealer fee percentage of the funded loan.


Simple & Flexible Pricing

Landing even one extra project pays for Turns for an entire year.

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0 - 5% of Loan Amount

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