Flexible loan options with no upfront cost

Get projects financed directly so you start working quickly

How Contractor Direct Works

Submit a credit application

Your customer applies for a loan.

Get an instant decision

We instantly approve your application on the spot.

Finish the project, get paid

When the job is done, payment is deposited directly into your bank account less a dealer fee. 

No upfront or fixed costs

There's no cost to you to offer financing unless you use it.

High approval rates

With both prime and second-look financing. Turns approves a majority of applicants for funding.

Instant decisions

Our lending partners instantly approve so you're not waiting to know whether you can proceed.


Helping contractors finance their customer's projects since 2011 with over $1Billion in applications.

"Turns helped  me find small business financing to launch to my new plumbing division. We will now use their new Consumer Direct program to rapidly grow it. 

woman 15

Joan Marks, VP Sales

ABC Heating and Cooling

Miami. FL


Simple & Flexible Pricing

Landing even one extra project pays for Turns for an entire year.

Unlimited loans (Prime & Non-Prime)

Loans up to $50,000

Up to 120 month terms

Mobile App

Training and Support

Multiple user logins available

Contractor Direct

0-5% of Loan Amount

6-10% dealer fee for Non-prime loans